Onofre estores covers r1.0

Boa tarde Bruno,

Quais são os valores dos seguintes componentes:

C6 C-EU102-043X133 C102-043X133 CAPACITOR, European symbol
R12 R-EU_R2512 R2512 RESISTOR, European symbol



Nuno Martins

I already update this values on eagle :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyway if you need the links I leave written below:

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If not too much to ask, is it possible to send the links of the remaining components? :blush:


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yes and the PM01 power supply :slight_smile:

The pm1 i have in stock lol. :slight_smile:
where to find affordable fuses?

In this case what is the better fuse value?


All regards

2A is perfect , in case of fail is more fast

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