Niryo Modificações

I can assembly my friend :slight_smile:

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@Mickey @brunohorta Am I doing this correctly ? Put in the start of the order for stepper on PCBWay.

Thank you.
I assume after Chinese New Year they would quote me for components ?

“stepperpcb.txt” is a drill file and it’s already in GBR.rar
What do they need for assembly?

@Mickey: The specific ask was for the " Centroid File :" ?

I will think about it.

Questions… do you have a PCB file for the Niryo shield ? Also for the fan behind the stepper motors is that 30x30 or 40x40 ? And is there an STL file for the cover of the Stepper PCB connecting to Fan ?

  1. I’m working at it. Niryo shield and hat for raspberry are my next target in todo list.
  2. It’s 40x40. But it isn’t for this pcb. I will use 30x30 fan.
  3. No. I havn’t designed it yet. Also, I want to design some 3d printed spacer.
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I have done pick&place file:
Pick Place for stepperPCB.csv


I’m sorry, that I forgot note it in readme. If you want to order stepper PCB, you need to choose the factory with this capabilities or better:

0.2 mm trace width
0.2 mm spacing between traces
0.3 mm via hole sizes
0.6 mm via diameter

For the Red Shaft… I assembled the M8x40mm with the bearing and I am thinking of changing the shaft to fit around the M8 screw. The original Niryo shaft seems different. Also looking to use 22mm aluminum rod… so would be slightly wider in diameter then the 20.5mm XL-420. Anyone has looked at this shaft yet ?

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Seems perfect :slight_smile: nice job and thanks for sharing

For those who are interested, I added a small summary of this topic and "Braço Robotico 3D - Niryo "on my ggdoc (tab “Links”):

Sorry if I forgot links and don’t hesitate to contact me if you find anything disturbing/wrong or other links to add :slight_smile: .

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Thanks :), I will see

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Gostariamos de ajudar aos nossos amigos makers a terminarem seus projetos “Braco Robotico”
Aqui no Brasil nos desenvolvemos todo hardware compativel com o software Niryo One ( RPI Shield ( Essa eh a interface com os Dynamixel , Nema17 e o RPI), Stepper Controler com rede CAN, Painel de conexao) .

Ontem realizamos o teste com o joystic e foi um sucesso

We have developed all the hardware compatible with the Niryo One software, take a look.

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Congratulations! Nice work!

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Thanks a lot buddy !!!

Here in Brazil , we have developed all the hardware compatible with the Niryo One software.

Hello, community!

I have designed Raspberry pi hat PCB and I need your advice:

pic. 1

pic. 2

The white connectors from bottom to top on picture #1:

  1. button ( 2 pin )
  2. CAN ( 4 pin ) + Terminator ( 2 pin )
  3. Dinamixel: One for 11V1 and one for 7V2 (3 pin)
  4. 3x FAN ( 2 pin )

Blue connector - power 12V and glas fuse 5x20 mm.

The questions:

  1. Is it good decision to use glass fuse?
  2. Dinamixel connectors are the same, but voltage is different. Should I change one of connector to protect wrong connect?

Good job !

From my user point of view and not from pcb specialist :

  1. Using a glass fuse is very easy to change so I don’t mind.
  2. It would be a good idea I think
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