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Just starting now to get all the parts ordered… where did you find the Half Thurst Bearing 90×120x6 mm ? This is what I found…,searchweb201602_6,searchweb201603_53

Ignore my stepper question. I saw Mickey’s PCB board…

I bought mine in local Market

Hi Mickey,
Where you able to confirm that your Stepper PCB works ? Thank you… JD

Hello, JDM!

I can’t now. I have designed 2nd revision and got PCBs recently. I will start assembling next week. I will bublish results here. I don’t recomend you make PCB now.

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I have assmbled PCB, loaded all software and got this in terminal:
PCB turned on software LED and toggled fan. Encoder and thermo sensor send some information to the therminal, that correlates with physical input.

So I need to test comunication via CAN bus and stepper driver. I want to use Raspberry and MCP2515 CAN module.

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Super cool :slight_smile: nice job

It’s allive!!!

Now I need time to clean up documentation. What type of documents do you need? I have published gerbers, bom, assembling and electronical schemes. Do you need pick&place file?

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You are the boss :slight_smile: awesome dude :slight_smile:

The pcb on GIT is ready to build ?

Not yet. I need to check it. It will be ready at Monday.

I have updated files. Files are at develop branch: open_niryo_one\Electronics\Stepper\OUT\R2

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Ok thanks :slight_smile: I will made the pcbs on PCBWay and one stencil :slight_smile:

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Do you have machine for smd assembling?

Yap :slight_smile:

Nice!) The sound of my previous job))) Do you have all components in the spools? Is it rationally to buy it in so big quantity?

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The bom is on github ?

Yes. In the same directory.


I recomend to use this folder:

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