Niryo Modificações

I just have extra springs, because it was minimum size of the order. And I think that somebody needs in it. It will be greate, if you compensate the prime cost of the spring (I can show you invoice). I will not have extra PCB. If you want, I can organize the production of any parts, but it will be extra job for me, and I will ask some payment for this service. All prices, that I wrote, is prime cost without any profit.

I try to select common parts, that you can buy at Aliexpress. I have ordered PCB at They can also assembled this PCB. Maybe it possible, to share the order information of this PCB on this site.

Also, when I test the stepper PCB, I will make Raspberry shild and PCB with socets. Of course all files will be open source.


Great job Mickey,
I’m wondering the board… the AS6600 magnetic rotation encoder it’s not at the center?

The spring looks like just have 3 rotations ( number of coils )

may depend on the material and thinkness.

Can you please tell us more info about the spring so we can try to find it @ Portugal?


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U3 - AS5600. Niryo use this encoder (
I with my friend calculate the spring, and main parametrs are work torque, angels, left hand, thinkness of wire and sizes. We calculate work torque from weghts of all parts and stepper torque. We gave technical task to factory to make 3-5 coils. They have made this number.

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Hello Andre… I am like you planning to build the Niryo. I am based in USA. Would be great if you could also put some English when possible ! If not I’ll learn Portuguese :-). Abrigado !

Hello JDM I am building one now :slight_smile:

I know. I watched your YouTube video… Thank you for doing this. :smile: how do you plan to get over the stepper board ?

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Yes, you already start the building ?

Just starting now to get all the parts ordered… where did you find the Half Thurst Bearing 90×120x6 mm ? This is what I found…,searchweb201602_6,searchweb201603_53

Ignore my stepper question. I saw Mickey’s PCB board…

I bought mine in local Market

Hi Mickey,
Where you able to confirm that your Stepper PCB works ? Thank you… JD

Hello, JDM!

I can’t now. I have designed 2nd revision and got PCBs recently. I will start assembling next week. I will bublish results here. I don’t recomend you make PCB now.

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I have assmbled PCB, loaded all software and got this in terminal:
PCB turned on software LED and toggled fan. Encoder and thermo sensor send some information to the therminal, that correlates with physical input.

So I need to test comunication via CAN bus and stepper driver. I want to use Raspberry and MCP2515 CAN module.


Super cool :slight_smile: nice job

It’s allive!!!

Now I need time to clean up documentation. What type of documents do you need? I have published gerbers, bom, assembling and electronical schemes. Do you need pick&place file?


You are the boss :slight_smile: awesome dude :slight_smile:

The pcb on GIT is ready to build ?

Not yet. I need to check it. It will be ready at Monday.

I have updated files. Files are at develop branch: open_niryo_one\Electronics\Stepper\OUT\R2

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