Braço Robotico 3D - Niryo One

I recommend using the google translator to read the above publications. My English is bad, so I will not be able to answer you in English, with the information that is already in Portuguese and is certainly of interest to you. For my part I never noticed the lack of any xl-320. After all if it takes 2 xl-320, instead of just one, the price will increase. Put there an image in which the extra xl-320 becomes evident necessity.

Agree with you no big expense… just easier for folks to put 1 order with the 4 motors…

tks… for the info. by the way where did you buy the coupling shafts?

Looking at 3 options…
A) Buy from Niryo…
B) Have a local machine shop engineer it
C) go to local makerspace and engineer it myself…
What is your plan on the spring / stepper / Nyro Shield PCB ?

Any thoughts on using a 3D Metal printing company like 3D cloud ? Has anyone created a STL file of the coupling shafts ?

The spring has a design available at the following link:

Bruno Horta has already ordered the custom springs in a company, and has one to count on me.
About the steppers. Im trying to buy the adapters only from niryo. If it not afordable, I may use the electronic in the repository in the above link, or a mechaduino. You may see info about this above in the previous posts in portuguese.

Im no experience in metal 3D printing. Can you check if the above repository (the one with the spring) also have the design of the coupling shafts?

It seems that repo have good info, but i have not check it enough for get the full picture of what is available there.

Check and share your thoughts on the solutions in this repository (the one with the spring) .

sorry about my bad english

Ja tenho molas quanto aos coupling também vou fazer uns.


This person tried to use the Mecharduino and update the firmware available from Niryo. Apparently that was not successful…

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I am not an electronic or mechanical engineer, I have a degree in anthropology, so my knowledge of electronics and mechanics was acquired last year as a self-taught person, but I learned to program that way too many years ago. As far as i understand the mechaduino use the same mcu and the same driver, but a different encoder, and bus. I belive that we can manage to change the firmware to use the mechaduino, but i’m waiting for one to try (a mechaduino clone). There are also a separate pcb for the encoder AS5600 used by the niryo stepper adapter.

For the can bus see:

But in this repo you find alternative electronics that you and I must look at before we go further.

I belive that only next week i have to time to give a deeper look to the info in that repo. Check it and share your findings.

thanks for Bruno Horta to share the discovery of that repo with us.

Tens os desenhos dos couplings?

Estou a desenha-los…

Os tipos do niryo responderam, mandando-me a fava, mas curiosamente mandaram a price list de todos os materiais envolvidos. Para vossa informação segue o link com todos os preços:

Os preços das peças 3D até dão vontade de chorar!

Niryo is planning to release a Vision kit in March as well as a conveyor… I got the same PDF for component prices and the Sales person highlighted the upcoming additional accessories.

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If I unable to get good results with the mecha or the electronics on that repo. My last resort is to buy the steppers and the rpi child from them. :slight_smile: I dont know what to do about the couplings, rmtavares is drawing them. Bruno Horta also said that. Maybe they join eforts and share with us.

E depois como vais fazer os couplings, num torneiro?
Fala com o bruno horta, ele disse que ia desenvolver uns, assim escusam de estarem os dois a fazer a mesma coisa.

Mickey is suppose to get testing his stepper v2 PCB this month… :crossed_fingers:


Vou imprimir na Ender

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Thanks @Mickey :slight_smile:


Making good progress on printing parts and ordering hardware… so far very happy with the results from my Ender 3 printer…

. I went a bit “overboard” on the infill for this piece considering the spring and pressure. Will start printing Base today.

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Essas são as molas que recebeste? como fazemos para combinar a entrega e pagamento? faço uma visita a leiria para te conhecer?

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